This month’s set of bumper stickers

Driving home from work during rush hour in Chicago, on the expressways, has its moments… of silence, thoughts, considerations of road rage, emptiness, and appreciations — many of which, if not left to the comforting void of unimportance, become illusions of what I’m seeing on the rear ends of cars in my path. Here’s a few I’ve remembered over the past weeks (along with a note-to-self to take note of others for future blogs)…

Do I believe in education… or do I believe in believing in education?

Is starting a graduate program like many love affairs — falling in love with the optimism of what’s going to be this time only to find out, again, the reality of him or her isn’t quite the same?  And now what do I do…?

How did I distinguish between self assessment and self deception today?

What group(s) am I “in’ with and what groups am I not?  And do I know how — I mean really know how —  to get in with those folks that I want to be “in” with… and get away from those I’m fine being on the “outs” with? 

Rats… mean and hungry… are worth collecting and taking care of.. they make good gifts down the pants of those who think they have authority.

Think back to someone who you felt violated your trust… how long did it take to have it restored…?  And are you willing to say that education has violated your trust?

If a cauliflower is a cabbage with a college education (Mark Twain), how did we get broccoli?

As the new year comes along.. with spring right around the corner.. I’ve resolved to pay attention to those bumper stickers that I’m stuck behind in the everyday traffic of my work as an educator. It’s a new year… let’s try again to make it a healthy, peaceful, and progressive one.

Closing with a song.. just because this is a great one by an underappreciated band…

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