A Note From Recent MAAPS Grad, Gail Zelitzky…

gail zI graduated!!!

Thanks to every one of you who didn’t ask me to dinner, entice me to attend a play, left me to my own devices and supported me along the way! And thanks for being there when it was all over and time to celebrate – at the graduation, the parties, over wine and for lunch. You all made it possible. DePaul School of New Learning thanks you, too, as well as my memorable mentor and faculty adviser, Catherine Marienau, my fabulous professional adviser, Renie McClay, and all the professors from whom I learned lasting and valuable knowledge.

I spent 6 weeks reclaiming my life, reviewing all my materials and creating new approaches to my work. My newly minted degree, Master of Arts in Applied Professional Studies (MAAPS), resulted in my developing a more directed focus for my work.

What I studied is a very specialized and unique area for the sole purpose of helping business owners embrace creativity. Now I can teach teams how to innovate on a daily basis to achieve breakthrough thinking that keeps them in the forefront of their industries. My goal has always been to help successful business leaders reach their maximum potential, become strong leaders, make more money and lead the lives they love. Now, armed with this new learning and specialization, I can make an even greater impact on them and their teams.

Small business owners must become more creative in their problem-solving approach and practice innovation every day if they are to remain competitive. They deserve to enjoy bottom-line profitability so their companies can positively impact their lives and those of their employees, the community in which they work and the world at large.

I’d really like to connect with you to see if there are any colleagues, friends, business owners, associations or groups in your network that would benefit from taking their leadership to new heights. Phone, Skype and Face Time make it simple to connect. In-person is even better. Please email me and let’s talk. 

That’s all for now,

Gail Zelitzky


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