2015 MAEA Graduates’ Showcase and Networking Event with ATDChi

One hundred and twenty five (125) adult learning professionals from the greater Chicagoland area gathered for a lively evening of networking, idea and resource-sharing. The theme of this year’s event was “Creating and Sustaining a Thriving Career in Learning and Development” and included a showcase of six of this year’s SNL Master of Arts in Educating Adults (MAEA) final projects, a job fair for learning and development positions, a panel discussion on employability trends in the field, and networking with learning and development professionals from our co-sponsor, ATDChi (the Chicago Chapter of the Association for Talent Development). The job fair participants included United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, the Cara Group, Caveo Learning, and Walgreen’s. The panel discussion was moderated by SNL professor, Catherine Marienau and included Jann Iaco, ATDChi, CPLP Director and e-Learning Training Specialist, Crate&Barrel; Sybil Madison-Boyd, Ph.D., from Learning Pathways Program Director, Digital Youth Network, DePaul University and Chicago Cities of Learning; Carol Taylor, Department Head, Workforce Education, Metra; and MAEA alum James Lee Weir, Jr.,  Facilitator, Global Leadership College, UPS. Check out some of the pictures from this event!

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