Meet MAAPS Alumn Jenny Miller

We asked Jenny Miller, a recent graduate of the Master of Arts in Applied Professional Studies (MAAPS) in DePaul University’s School for New Learning (SNL), if she would share her experiences and advice with the SNL community.

Recent MAAPS Graduate Jenny Miller

Recent MAAPS Graduate Jenny Miller

 Where is your Residence/Hometown?

Chicago, IL

 What is your educational background?

I attended Roosevelt University in Chicago, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I spent my final semester of undergraduate work at the National University of Ireland in Galway.

 Why did you choose the DePaul Graduate School for New Learning?

When I discovered the program I had been living in Brazil for over three years. I was curious to investigate theoretical dynamics of culture, which would allow me to deepen my understanding of the expat experience. I chose the School for New Learning because the Master of Arts in Applied Professional Studies program afforded me a great deal of flexibility to steer my studies. My interests for this program were specific and uncommon: to study intercultural communication and collaboration between U.S. Americans and Brazilians.

 What are your Occupation(s)/Scope of Work/Area of Expertise?

My background includes a few periods and types of overseas work. I have really enjoyed forging bonds with people globally and hope to blend a talent for connecting others with the new learning about intercultural dynamics. For example, in Brazil, I aided a local law firm in communicating with, and setting expectations for, a large U.S. American corporate client. For one MAAPS competence project, I designed a professional and cultural exchange program to bring Brazilian professionals to DePaul, and subsequently held feasibility meetings in Brazil with professionals that would be considered the target market. I would abbreviate my rather varied experience by saying that I specialize in enhancing global collaboration.

 How do you expect the MAAPS program to help you to pursue your career goals?

The MAAPS program helped me to focus my interests and efforts. Because I was really able to dig into the cultural nuances that distinguish these two nations, I have a richer understanding of how to facilitate relationship development between the two nationalities. Still, there is a broader application to the learning. I hope to use this—along with other experience—to bridge collaborative gaps in the business and/or education sectors.

 Have you been able to apply your learning in the workplace?

Indirectly, yes. Because the MAAPS program is competency-based learning, there are several aspects of my study that have transferred to my current role.  I feel, for example, that I engage in reflection-on-action quite often in my workday. Also, thinking differently about the nature of change and how to manage it has really helped during the transitional times the organization has been facing. Even on a personal level, I find that I am deliberately more mindful.

 Do you have any advice for graduate students or prospective graduate students?

The library and librarians really are invaluable resources. Take your time when thinking through your objectives.


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