The Waiting Game

By Amy Krenzke


MAEA Graduate Amy Krenzke

School for New Learning Master of Arts in Educating Adults (MAEA) graduate, Amy Krenzke, would like to share her story of success and program implementation in her post-graduate career.

Good things come to those who wait or so it is said, right?!  Well lucky for me that was true this time around.  After graduating from the DePaul SNL MAEA program in fall of 2012 I was looking for positions in the Training & Development field.  Much of my Applied Inquiry Project (the final project at the end of the MAEA program) was spent studying appreciation in the workplace and how it could affect learning and engagement.  As my AIP developed I also looked at the importance of using a set of values in the workplace to show appreciation to employees.  After graduation, I was lucky to land a job as a trainer but due to extensive travel and lack of my values matching with the company values, I decided to revert back to the world of retail manager.  Well wait just a little longer, because I landed my current job as Learning Coordinator with Pinstripe, Inc.

This has been an exciting opportunity.  The ability to put my MAEA experience into practice abounds in my everyday tasks.  Just last week I wrote learning objectives for a new training program, began re-developing the plan for our most important learning program, and delivered a training session.  On-going projects will include: delivering courses, reassessing the needs analysis and scope & sequence for our main learning program that is focused on career progression, and researching/designing training materials. My team is also considering the ASTD CPLP exam in the future for our own professional growth.  Moreover, I am learning new tools like Boolean logic and am lucky enough to be led by a leader who is dynamic and has extensive hands-on experience educating adults’ in the RPO Industry.

Most importantly, what is most exciting about this experience is that I did take my time and I found an organization that fit my values.  While studying at DePaul it became very apparent to me that values, ethics, and business honesty were core to my being within an organization.  Studying at DePaul gave me the opportunity to expand my thinking.  Independent study and GILP work was focused on Mindful Meditation in the workplace and how to use appreciation to engage employees and increase productivity.  Ethics and values truly became a focus for me especially as I completed coursework in ethics and leadership. I realized there is more to working for an organization and where I was when studying at DePaul did not make me happy. 

At that time, the organization I worked for was stagnate and we spoke of values but they were not active in our daily work lives.  Fast forward two years, now a career move was again on my agenda (due to my fiancé taking a job in the Milwaukee area) I knew this was my time to look for a place that was a true value fit for me.  This is exactly what happened, the interview process included an informal interview with my now boss where we spoke of Pinstripe’s learning culture, a shared excitement for training, and abundant conversation on company values. Now a few months in, during the most recent all employee meeting I was excited to take part in the re-launch of the company values.  Right off the bat I was reminded why this place was a good match.  The leaders talked about how they decided to drop the traditional PowerPoint presentation for a simple talk-and-tell.  They explained the values from their perspective and each shared a story from their own experience at Pinstripe, Inc.  Storytelling! The ultimate educating adult tool and they were recognizing it to deliver this message of company values.  Maybe they didn’t know about how this experience exemplified transformative learning, but for me it hit home and reminded me this is where I’m supposed to be.  I was also extremely excited to hear a leader talk about “authentic leadership”.  Even at my early stages I interact with leaders and see others of all levels do the same.  The leaders are very accessible and are absolutely open to hearing ideas, working towards change, and excited by seeing their team succeed. This is a change for me in the workplace and much like my AIP research concluded, employees are motivated when they are engaged by values in action (or values in motion as we call them at Pinstripe). These Pinstripe, Inc. values mesh with my own and it makes me feel that I am part of a bigger picture and am valued by the organization.  That is exactly what I wanted to discover with my AIProject and now I’ve found it can be possible. Yes, maybe it is true that good things come to those that wait but great things come to those that apply what they learned at the DePaul School for New Learning!


To learn a little more about the splendid organization that is Pinstripe, Inc. [now Pinstripe OchreHouse as we’ve expanded globally!] check out this information:

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 This was recently published in Workforce online magazine and discusses the RPO Industry:


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