Spotlight on Maureen Caspers


We asked Maureen Caspers, a recent graduate of the Master of Arts in Educating Adults (MAEA) in DePaul University’s School for New Learning (SNL), if she would share her experiences and advice with the SNL community.

Tell Us About Your Educational Background…

I received a BFA in Ballet and a BA in History from Texas Christian University in 2005 in Fort Worth, TX. I received my Masters of Arts in Educating Adults from DePaul University in June of 2013.

Why did you choose the DePaul Graduate School for New Learning?

I chose SNL because the Masters of Arts in Educating Adults (MAEA) program aligned with what I was looking for in a graduate program. There were flexible scheduling options, the professors were focused on helping the students succeed, and all of the learning could be applied directly to my context. SNL graduate programs are designed with adult students in mind.

Did you receive and Distinctions/Awards while at DePaul?

While I was at DePaul I received a Student Excellence award from the School for New Learning for my Applied Inquiry Project, Concepts and Techniques for Improving your Practice as a Facilitator of Learning. I also was a recipient of the SNL Beverly K Firestone Memorial Fund Award (2013) and the Dr. Deborah Colky Student Award (2011) from the Chicago Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development.

Has your career changed course since beginning the MAEA program?

When I began the MAEA program, I was working for a small continuing education company. After completing the MAEA program, I felt confident that I had the skills necessary to succeed in a large corporate training department.

What is your Occupation(s)/Scope of Work/Area of Expertise?

I am a Training & Development Advisor on the e-Learning team at Valero Energy. I design, develop, and facilitate previously built content for in-person instructor-led training to live instructor-led virtual training sessions. My area of expertise is adult education and corporate training.

Did the MAEA program help you obtain your current position?

Absolutely! Without the learning and guidance from my professors, especially my faculty mentor Dr. Catherine Marienau, I would not have obtained my current position. I also believe that my Applied Inquiry Project helped me obtain the position. It was not only the final product of my Applied Inquiry Project, but the process of designing and completing the research project that impressed the hiring committee.

Tell us about any current consulting projects you are working on…

In my current position, my projects involve converting in-person instructor led training content and activities to live virtual instructor led training sessions.

How have you been able to apply your learning in the workplace?

I am able to apply my learning from the MAEA program to my current projects. The adult learning theories, concepts, and ideas I learned in the MAEA program impact how I approach my work.

Do you have any advice for graduate students or prospective graduate students?

I cannot say enough good things about the SNL faculty. All of my professors were excellent!  They have a wealth of knowledge, are always ready and willing to help, and really want to see their students succeed. SNL professors act as guides throughout the journey through graduate school. They will help you find the answers you seek by asking you questions to realize your potential and continue your lifelong learning.

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