Spotlight on Larnzell Harper

We asked Larnzell Harper, a working professional currently pursuing the Master of Arts in Educating Adults (MAEA) at SNL, if he would share his experiences and advice with current and future SNL students.

MAEA student, Larnzell Harper

Tell us about the graduate program you are pursuing…

I am a graduate student in the Masters of Arts Educating Adults program in the School for New Learning.  I chose DePaul University to help me learn how to combine my current training, transit, and broadcasting experience to influence upcoming experiences in adult education. Making my education a personal investment has allowed me to expand my creativity during my courses.

How have you been able to apply your learning in the workplace? What results have you seen? 

I have applied  my learning from SNL by creating visual learning aids to teach and hopefully generate interest.  So far, I have created graphics, word processing “visuals”, and even a video (view below) to demonstrate how I apply my classroom learning in the workplace.  The MAEA program is teaching me to consider various approaches and not to rely on my usual way of making daily decisions.  

How has the program impacted you professionally and personally?

The MAEA program at SNL empowers me with additional resources to allow me to control my professional and personal decisions.  I did not know that I would gain more control over my life when I decided to enroll in the MAEA program.

What are your future career or educational goals?

My future career and educational goals are divided into three sections; #1) a doctoral program in education, #2) management level or higher in the area instructional design, and #3) under construction, which allows me to accept and consider upcoming opportunities.

What are your plans after graduating from the program?

My plans are to consistently evaluate how the ‘continued learning’ belief system remains in my life.  Continued learning is the belief system I accepted after entering the MAEA program. Adults must continue to learn by enrolling in higher learning courses, certification programs, and other curricula of value.  After graduation, I would like to utilize all of the skills that I acquired through my DePaul education to advance adult education in academia, the workplace, and multimedia.

Any advice for prospective graduate students?

Prospective students should not enter a graduate studies program that is not the right fit for their personal or professional goals.  Compatibility between the prospective student’s  career and personal life should coexist with the graduate program.  The academic, financial, and emotional requirements needed for successful completion of any graduate program requires this compatibility.

In the video below, Larnzell shares his advice for students who wish to diversify their teaching and training portfolio and improve their presentation skills.

What is your favorite restaurant or neighborhood in Chicago?

Zaca Tacos on 5925 S. Pulaski Rd Chicago, IL 60629 is my favorite restaurant in Chicago. I tell everyone about this restaurant.  I have never tasted such great marinated steak tacos. 

Any other experiences you would like to share?

All of my experiences at DePaul sponsored events have introduced me to resources that I did not know were available to me as a student.  I strongly encourage graduate students to research and request information about the many resources and assistance provided by DePaul. One would be amazed at the amount support from of faculty, staff, alumni and  tutors, as well as computer labs, libraries, writing assistance, sudent organizations, and more available to graduate students at DePaul.

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