Highlight of a MAEA Student: Leodis Scott

Many of the students within the graduate programs of DePaul’s School for New Learning lead exciting and hectic lives, still somehow managing to find time to work towards their master’s degree.  Leodis Scott is an exemplary MAEA student who is both the Founder and Chief Learning Strategist for LearnLong and also the Grant Manager for Community Impact at Columbia University in New York.

LearnLong is an educational service and consulting firm comprised to advance the practice, research, learning, and participation within the field of adult & continuing education.

In regards to choosing DePaul’s MAEA program: “Actually the program chose me.  As a corporate trainer, I had taken random training seminars, sessions, and conferences with no consistency.  But, when I found that the MAEA program provided a comprehensive and structured program in addition to a pursuing a graduate degree at a renowned university – I started my application that day.

Leodis has been able to tailor the MAEA program to meet his career goals because of the independent study options and electives taken within other colleges at DePaul, including the Kellstadt School of Business.  For him, it was an “added benefit,” because his experience and interests “were represented and encouraged.”

MAEA student, Leodis Scott

As part of his 2011 New Year’s Resolution, Leodis plans “to continue learning things that I haven’t learned before such as financial planning, management, and consumer economics.”

Undoubtedly, entering a master’s program after you have already been working in the professional world for many years will affect your professional life, and Leodis is no exception,  “It has opened the door to seeing education beyond the traditional level.  Education really does continue to colleges and workplaces.  Education is lifelong! Through the MAEA program, I have dedicated my professional life to making others aware of this important educational distinction.”

Life as an adult student can be very challenging.  Not only do you have to juggle work and school, but many students have families and commitments that require attention as well.  According to Leodis, one of the most difficult challenges besides time management is “student finances.”  He says, “What adults must consider is the “return-on-investment” component to continuing education.”  For Leodis, the investment is made apparent by the personal and professional growth he has experienced.

After graduation, Leodis will continue as a doctoral student at Columbia University-Teachers College in New York pursuing a degree in Adult Learning and Leadership.

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